At SLIPSTREAM our aim is to improve your natural English ability with a range of teaching methods using interesting and relevant learning content in a a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment.

We offer a wide range of English learning options, from individual and small group lessons to special presentations, workshops and tailor-made English courses. English learning also includes monthly social events with music and art performances, functions and events outside the studio in the local area.

SLIPSTREAM Japanでは誰もが持つ「英語ができない」というコンプレックスを打ち消し、「英語を話す」から「会話を楽しむ」コミュニケーション力を向上させることに重点を置いています。




Lessons & Courses



* レッスンの内容は、最新のニュース、文化的なトピックなど、メンバーの希望に沿った内容を自由に汲んでいただけます。

* 料金:22,000円 / 月4回




* レッスンの内容は、メンバーの興味や最新のニュース、文化的なトピックが中心。

* 料金:15,400円 / 月4回



Nishihonmachi studio is the creative learning hub of SLIPSTREAM English Communication.

English presentations, workshops, and social events are held in the SLIPSTREAM studio space.

It also works as " Grape & Vinyl Studio Slipstream ", social community space with quality wines and vinyls.

西本町スタジオは、私たちのクリエイティブな学習拠点です。 レッスン以外に、プレゼンテーションやワークショップ、ソーシャルイベントなどを開催します。

またワインとレコードを楽しむソーシャルスペース「Grape & Vinyl Studio Slipstream」としての機能も含んでいます。


  • SIMPLICITY : From membership start-up to the lesson, our goal is to create a stress-free learning environment.
  • MEMBERSHIP : Discounted lessons& courses, priority bookings, and discounted admission for all events.
  • DIFFERENCE : Enjoy the Slipstream lessons, studio & the learning environment, and the difference.
  • EVENTS : Special presentations, workshops, and social events are offered.
  • CREATIVITY : Lessons & workshops focused on developing natural and creative English communication.
  • ATMOSPHERE : The studio design, and lesson delivery mixed with the natural beauty of Utsubo Park meets our goal of a relaxed learning environment.
  • RESPONSIVE : When designing lessons we understand that each person has their own individual learning style.
  • COMMUNITY : A hub for meeting like-minded people with similar interests in a stimulating and friendly environment.


Hello, my name is Julian, I would like to welcome you to the SLIPSTREAM English Communication website.

My academic qualifications are focused on psychology, sociology and education. I have over 15 years experience teaching social sciences and other English related subjects in international high schools, colleges and universities in Japan. I use my teaching experience and academic knowledge to plan and develop effective teaching methods to enhance authentic English learning that is incorporated into the SLIPSTREAM learning experience. As a teacher of English, I describe myself as warm, friendly, patient and calm person that is responsive to the learning needs of each individual learner.My interests and hobbies include international adventure travel, photography, collecting and playing vinyl, cafes and coffee and enjoying fine food, beer and wine. I also enjoy meeting and communicating with people all over the world. With my family, I fully enjoy life in Osaka and the many opportunities and different experiences that Japan provides.

Jules Fulton


学位( Bachelor )

Sydney University 学士課程修了BSW( Bachelor of Social Work )- 社会学( Sociology ) / 心理学 ( Psychology ).

Chalres Sturt University 学士課程修了BT( Bachelor of Teaching )- 教育課程修了( Teaching )

Location & Info

Adress : 大阪市西区西本町1-13-31-3F

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